sábado, 4 de abril de 2009

Girlie Camps con VANS y Andrea B...

Te acuerdas de Andrea Benitez? Esta talentosa chica de 15 añitos ha fichado por VANS España, OLE!!!

Como nos gusta que la gente con ese potencial reciba apoyo para seguir superándose. Ahora girlie Camps anuncia la participación de VANS con sus riders y Andrea entre sus filas.

Y muy pronto veréis en acción a Andrea Benitez de 14 años, la primera chica que se une a la familia VANS España.

>> Andrea Benitez

Andrea is a 14 year old girl from Algeciras Spain. She skates daily under the harshest circumstances for where she lives has no adequate installations. Yet her strong willpower pushes her to skate alone and to migrate to the nearest skate park in Chiclana. She has been skating for three years and does so very intensly, she is very constant and has the ability to learn tricks fast. Never at ease with her board under her arms, this little riper is skating nonstop from the moment she arrives to the moment she leaves a spot. It is truly a please to watch Andrea skate and she rips both in street and parks. Thanks to the support of her parents that are behind her 100% and her new entry into the VANS Spain team we are sure this name will grow fast in the female skating world.



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